April 2012

By Grace Trio from Kentucky Mountain Bible College

By Grace

Left to right: Julianna Keaton, Shianne Jack, and Charlotte Chandler

By Grace, a ladies' trio from Kentucky Mountain Bible College, will be ministering during part of the week at Camp Meeting!

By Grace will be singing at the Thursday and Friday evening services, and will be singing and participating in youth services and activities Thursday and Friday.

By Grace consists of a talented group of young ladies who are anointed by the Holy Spirit. We pray that you will be blessed and encouraged by their ministry!


This Week's Call to Prayer from Rev. Don Thurman

Don Thurman

Brother Don Thurman

As we gather for our IHA Prayer Meeting this Tuesday, May 1,2012, let us especially focus on two basic but very important requests which are the primary purposes of our Camp:

  1. 2 Peter 3:9 reminds us that “The Lord is…not willing that any should perish, but that all may come to repentance.” Let us especially remember those who are lost without Christ and/or those who are backslidden who will be in the services, that they will experience the beginning of holiness in their hearts and lives.
  2. 1 Thessalonians 4:3,7 says, “For this is the will of God even your sanctification…” and “For God has not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness.” And Hebrews 12:14 says, “Without [click to continue…]


IHA Youth Camp 2012

by Tori Rittgers on April 26, 2012

IHA Youth Camp: June 10-16, 2012

IHA Youth Camp 2012The Iowa Holiness Association Youth Camp will be June 10-16! We would LOVE for you or the teen in your life to be part of this incredible week of Camp! You will have the opportunity to draw closer to the Lord and become in tune with what He desires for you! Please understand that the focus for this week isn't about entertainment or recreation, although there will definitely be times when those things will occur. Holiness Camp is a rare opportunity to place the primary focus on a week centering on spiritual things.

Our Youth Evangelist will be Rev. Del Rittgers of Des Moines, Iowa.  Pastor Del is a favorite among the youth, with his thought-provoking Bible studies and a desire to develop a personal friendship with each teen.

There will be fun games and activities, like [click to continue…]

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Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting 2011—Dr. Marlin Hotle speaking at the Monday night meeting

Dr. Hotle's greatest love has always been preaching the Word. He has conducted seminars, revivals, and camp meetings for 23 different denominations. The theme of his preaching, and the cry of his heart, is “A call to personal renewal and practical Christian holiness.”


A Call to Prayer

by Jim Kerwin on April 23, 2012

A Call to Prayer from Rev. Don Thurman

Rev. Don Thurman

Rev. Don Thurman, IHA Board Member

As we look forward to our 2012 Camp Meeting, June 10-15, just 48 days from today, I am writing this Call to Prayer for another “time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19). Let us set aside each Tuesday as a day of prayer for the Camp Meeting. If possible let us gather in small groups and let us claim the promise of our Lord that if we will agree in prayer we will have what we ask of the Father (Matthew 18:19). If it is not possible for us to gather with a group for prayer, let us take time each Tuesday as our schedule permits to intercede for the Camp.

Let us ask in faith for the anointing of the precious Holy Spirit upon all the workers: Evangelist, Rev. Hal Daigre; the Bible Teacher, Rev. Esther Brown; the Worship Leader, Rev. Larry Dodds; the Children’s Workers, Rev. Cyril and Jan McKay and family; the Young People’s Evangelist Rev. Del Rittgers and family; and the World Gospel Missionaries Leroy and Sandy Anderson.

Let us pray for many to [click to continue…]


Seeing Double!

by Jim Kerwin on April 21, 2012

The Bagby Twins

The Bagby Twins, David and Kirk (or is it Kirk and David?)

Along with our holiness heritage, our IHA youth are probably our greatest resource.  For those of you who missed it, Kentucky Mountain Bible College (KMPC) featured two of its first-year students, David and Kirk Bagby, on their website.  No doubt you've seen them at camp each year, and it would be a set of unusual circumstances that would keep them from coming this year as well.

For the full KMPC story on the Brothers Bagby, click this link to the KMPC website feature article.

Watch our website because, as the song says, “soon and very soon” more information about this year's youth activities will be posted, with all the necessary information and forms.  (There might even be prizes for whoever can tell David and Kirk apart 100% of the time!)


Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting 2011 – A “Moment from History” with IHA founder Isaiah Reid (as portrayed by Jim Kerwin)

We met Bro. Jim Kerwin when he visited our 2005 camp meeting, while he was doing research for his master's thesis at Regent University's School of Divinity in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Little did we know (and little did he know) at the time that the subject of his thesis would be our founder, Rev. Isaiah Reid (1836-1911).  Bro. Jim completed his thesis, Isaiah Reid: His Life, Leadership, and Influence in the American Holiness Movement in 2006, shortly before his second visit to our IHA camp meeting.


June 10th Is Bearing Down on Us

The 2012 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting will be on us before we know it, and we're continuing to upgrade the website, especially “behind the scenes.”  Here's the latest:

Are you getting ready spiritually? Are you praying for a harvest?

  • There is a new Iowa Holiness Association YouTube channel, which Steve Shafer will begin to populate with evening-meeting videos he recorded on his professional equipment last year.  We could see the first of these as early as this coming Saturday.
  • Approval is pending from Google.com for a listing in Google Places, as well as permission to move the Google Maps “marker” for the Iowa Holiness Association.  Once approval is received, that will mean that all Google Maps will put an IHA marker right on the tabernacle in Google Maps satellite view.


Further Progress

by Jim Kerwin on April 13, 2012

Continuing to Build the Site

Like the rebuilding of Jerusalem under Nehemiah, the “walls” of our newly designed website keep rising higher out of the rubble.  The newest features added include:

  • Our IHA history page has been re-introduced and updated.
  • With a strong assist from Tori Rittgers, we now have a much-improved Facebook badge.
  • Speaking of Tori, she now has her own editing account on the site, which will allow her to add all the necessary youth-related news, notices, and forms for download.  (She gave me a peek at [click to continue…]


Advance as Effected by Habit by Isaiah Reid (Part 14 from his book “How They Grow”)

Isaiah Reid, founder of the Iowa Holiness Association

Isaiah Reid, founder of the Iowa Holiness Association

It was pointed out to me in that in the midst of the site-upgrade shuffle, I had not posted this month's link to the latest Isaiah Reid book chapter.  Taken from the closing chapters of his best-selling holiness book, “How They Grow,” our founder looks at habits we form—both good and bad—and examines how they either abet or abort our spiritual growth.  It's all there in Advance as Effected by Habit.

(Note: Links to other websites, like the one in this blog post, are for informational purposes only and do not necessarily imply an endorsement of the institution, ministry, or organization associated with the linked website.)


Behind the Scenes Progress

We've made some progress in the last 24 hours:

  • Most of our “About Us” information is in place.
  • The menu system has been expanded and enhanced.
  • I've installed a plug-in that makes our website “smartphone friendly.”  (Try accessing http://iowaholinessassociation.org from your Android or iPhone and give me some feedback.)
  • Kevin Klucas tells me that the 2012 camp meeting brochure should be available on this site by May 1st.
  • I'm working with Tori Rittgers to have a new and improved Facebook “badge” installed in the right margin.
  • Don Thurman was kind enough to help me update the IHA Leadership List.


Pardon Our Dust!

by Jim Kerwin on April 10, 2012

The New Look of the Iowa Holiness Association Website

We’re in the process of rebuilding – from the ground up – the Iowa Holiness Association website. “IHA Website 2.0” will have many advantages. For instance, more members will be able to contribute to the site. And IHA camp meeting messages can be more easily shared as podcasts. This process will be ongoing through the first week of May.  But you’re probably here wondering, “Yes, but what about the information for this year’s camp meeting?” Here’s it is in a nutshell:

2012 Camp Meeting Information

  • Dates: June 10-15, 2012
  • Place: The IHA Tabernacle on the grounds of the old Vennard College campus.
  • Time: Evening meetings start at 6:30 PM. (Morning and afternoon meeting times will be listed shortly.)
  • Speakers:
    • Evangelist: Rev. Hal Daigre
    • Bible Teacher: Rev. Esther Brown
    • Camp Song Evangelist: Rev. Larry Dodds
    • Youth Evangelist: Rev. Del Rittgers with Mrs. Chris Rittgers
    • Children’s workers: Rev. Cyril McKay, Mrs. Jan McKay

Access to other pages—About Us, Youth Information, Doctrinal Statement, etc.–will all be restored in the coming days. Thanks for your patience. We hope to see you all in June!