May 2012

Isaiah Reid (as portrayed by Jim Kerwin) speaks about education at the Thursday Evening 2011 Camp Meeting



This Week's Call to Prayer from Rev. Don Thurman

Don Thurman

Brother Don Thurman

Only 13 days until Camp begins!  We meet next Saturday (6/2)  for camp cleanup.  I have distributed 50 posters to Churches, Banks, and Businesses in the Oskaloosa area.  Tracy Klucas and her Christian Elementary School Class have distributed Camp Brochures to every house in University Park.  So the word about Camp is spreading.

And prayer has ascended to the Father's Throne by our Tuesday Prayer Meeting at the Tabernacle and in Moravia and in Riceville and Knoxville and other places.

We are anticipating a great Camp as we experience the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.  Hebrews 11:6  reminds us that our Heavenly Father will reward us if we diligently seek Him.  The devil trembles when God's people call upon Him.  Let us continue to “Pray without ceasing” as we approach our gathering June 10 through 15th.


Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting 2011Dr. Marlin Hotle speaking at the Wednesday Night meeting


Check back next week for the Thursday visit from Isaiah Reid


Download the 2012 Camp Meeting Brochure

Our 2012 Camp Meeting brochure is available for immediate download.  Thank you, Kevin Klucas, for making these available.  To download the PDF so that you can print your own, please click on the image below.

2012 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting Brochure

Click on the image above to download the brochure.


IHA Youth Bags

by Tori Rittgers on May 15, 2012

IHA Youth Bags

Special bags to be given to each teen who pre-registers for IHA Youth Camp before June 1st!


The IHA Youth Bags are in!!  We are very excited to give a bag to each teen who pre-registers by the June 1st deadline! We know you will love them – these bags are AWESOME!! There is plenty of space inside and a handy water bottle holder on the side. Click on the image on the right to see a close-up of the bag.

The pre-registration deadline is approaching!! Be sure to pre-register by June 1st to receive your bag AND the $15 savings! Reminder: the cost for camp is $105 for each teen who pre-registers and $120 for those who register after the June 1st deadline.

To download a registration form or for more information on IHA Youth Camp 2012, please click here.



Wednesday Night – On this evening before we hear from Isaiah Reid and a story about one of the ‘secret weapons” of the Iowa Holiness Association we learn how Jim Kerwin was drawn to his studies of Isaiah Reid.


 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting 2011 – Dr. Marlin Hotle speaking at the Tuesday Night meeting

Dr. Marlin R. Hotle is a young man who has been blest with a very diverse ministry. He has been a successful pastor, having given fifteen years to pastoral service. He is the author of seven books and a host of published articles. Currently he is the District Superintendent of the Tennessee District of The Wesleyan Church where he has served since 1992.


Welcome from Iowa Holiness Association President Brady Hunter

Brady Hunter

IHA President Brady Hunter

On behalf of the Iowa Holiness Association (IHA), I welcome you to the official website of the IHA. I pray that your visit to our website inspires and motivates you to live the holy life. It is the primary objective of the IHA to proclaim scriptural holiness as it has been doing since its inception in 1879.

We plan and promote a 6-day camp meeting each June set on the campus formerly owned by Vennard College in University Park, IA. The majority of the activities occur at the tabernacle in the woods. We have services for all ages, from the kids to the “more mature.” Our focus begins with the salvation experience called justification, which is conditioned on faith and repentance, involving the forgiveness of sins and the impartation of spiritual life. The second experience is entire sanctification, which is conditioned on [click to continue…]


“What Do You Want, A Gilded Invitation?”

Iowa Holiness Association 2012 camp meeting flyer

Click the image above to download the 2012 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting color flyer.

Stop thinking of evangelism as something the preacher does during the camp meeting, and start thinking of it as something you do before the camp meeting.  The ministry team can't win lost and unsanctified souls if those souls don't attend.  And they won't attend if they're not invited.  No, scratch that — they won't attend if YOU don't invite them.

So invite them!  Pray for those whom the Lord puts on your heart, ask Him for wisdom and favor with those for whom you're praying, and then invite!  And while we don't have gilded invitations for you to hand out, Kevin Klucas has created a great 8-1/2-by-11-inch color flyer that you can download and print on your color ink-jet printer or your color laser.  (Actually, it even looks quite presentable when printed from a black-and-white laser, though not quite as eye catching.)  Click on the image to the right for the download.  All Kevin asks is [click to continue…]


The Attrition of One Soul on Another by Isaiah Reid
(Part 15 from his book “How They Grow”)

Isaiah Reid, founder of the Iowa Holiness Association

Isaiah Reid, founder of the Iowa Holiness Association

The souls of men and women around us, good and bad, are being used by God to shape us and mature us.  What sort of effect are we having the souls of others?

Isaiah Reid cites examples from his own life, both of those who might have been used to discourage and embitter him—like the “crabid” editor and the critical minister—as well as those who brought him closer to his full potential as a man and as a Christian, like his mentor, Dr. Eratus J. Gillett.

Reid ponders these thoughts as he considers The Attrition of One Soul on Another, the next-to-last section of his book, “How They Grow.”


Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting 2011 – This is another “Moment from History” during the Tuesday night Camp Meeting with IHA founder Isaiah Reid (as portrayed by Jim Kerwin).

Brother Kerwin's research into the life of Isaiah Reid has resurrected a portion of our founder's published writings.  Working in conjunction with his wife and co-editor, Denise, Jim has “re-published” all of Reid's original books on the Finest of Wheat Teaching Fellowship website.  Links to the chapters of all of Reid's books, along with some of his articles, can be found on this page.