November 2012

On Monday evening Rev. Hal Daigre brought us the message “Changed by the grace of God

Keep checking back, the next video will be Rev. Isaiah Reid speaking about a couple of his heros.


November 2012 Call to Prayer

by Jim Kerwin on November 3, 2012

Prayer—A Divine Mystery

Picture of Rev. Don ThurmanBro. Don Thurman

[From a clipping in my files, written by an unknown author.  It is a challenge to me to give myself to prayer with a deeper dimension, and I trust it will be a challenge to others as well.]

Has it ever occurred to you that the design of prayer in the divine economy is a fantastic mystery? Why should there be a system or plan of prayer at all? Is not God almighty and self-sufficient? Could He possibly need any help outside of Himself? Self-sufficiency is one of the attributes of God. Does He need anything that man or any other of His creatures can supply?  Could not He who spoke the worlds into existence and Who upholds them by that same word accomplish His purposes without the help of puny man?

Then why did He divise the plan of prayer?  Why and how did He become “dependent” upon the intercession of men? Why can He do nothing [click to continue…]