Kevin Klucas

Download the 2012 Camp Meeting Brochure

Our 2012 Camp Meeting brochure is available for immediate download.  Thank you, Kevin Klucas, for making these available.  To download the PDF so that you can print your own, please click on the image below.

2012 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting Brochure

Click on the image above to download the brochure.


“What Do You Want, A Gilded Invitation?”

Iowa Holiness Association 2012 camp meeting flyer

Click the image above to download the 2012 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting color flyer.

Stop thinking of evangelism as something the preacher does during the camp meeting, and start thinking of it as something you do before the camp meeting.  The ministry team can't win lost and unsanctified souls if those souls don't attend.  And they won't attend if they're not invited.  No, scratch that — they won't attend if YOU don't invite them.

So invite them!  Pray for those whom the Lord puts on your heart, ask Him for wisdom and favor with those for whom you're praying, and then invite!  And while we don't have gilded invitations for you to hand out, Kevin Klucas has created a great 8-1/2-by-11-inch color flyer that you can download and print on your color ink-jet printer or your color laser.  (Actually, it even looks quite presentable when printed from a black-and-white laser, though not quite as eye catching.)  Click on the image to the right for the download.  All Kevin asks is [click to continue…]


Behind the Scenes Progress

We've made some progress in the last 24 hours:

  • Most of our “About Us” information is in place.
  • The menu system has been expanded and enhanced.
  • I've installed a plug-in that makes our website “smartphone friendly.”  (Try accessing from your Android or iPhone and give me some feedback.)
  • Kevin Klucas tells me that the 2012 camp meeting brochure should be available on this site by May 1st.
  • I'm working with Tori Rittgers to have a new and improved Facebook “badge” installed in the right margin.
  • Don Thurman was kind enough to help me update the IHA Leadership List.