Steve Shafer

June 10th Is Bearing Down on Us

The 2012 Iowa Holiness Association Camp Meeting will be on us before we know it, and we're continuing to upgrade the website, especially “behind the scenes.”  Here's the latest:

Are you getting ready spiritually? Are you praying for a harvest?

  • There is a new Iowa Holiness Association YouTube channel, which Steve Shafer will begin to populate with evening-meeting videos he recorded on his professional equipment last year.  We could see the first of these as early as this coming Saturday.
  • Approval is pending from for a listing in Google Places, as well as permission to move the Google Maps “marker” for the Iowa Holiness Association.  Once approval is received, that will mean that all Google Maps will put an IHA marker right on the tabernacle in Google Maps satellite view.


Further Progress

by Jim Kerwin on April 13, 2012

Continuing to Build the Site

Like the rebuilding of Jerusalem under Nehemiah, the “walls” of our newly designed website keep rising higher out of the rubble.  The newest features added include:

  • Our IHA history page has been re-introduced and updated.
  • With a strong assist from Tori Rittgers, we now have a much-improved Facebook badge.
  • Speaking of Tori, she now has her own editing account on the site, which will allow her to add all the necessary youth-related news, notices, and forms for download.  (She gave me a peek at [click to continue…]